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Dime Store Witch Writing Prompt #6


Dime store witch

Her mother always complained that she lacked vision and was wasting her gifts. But the truth was she was lazy. Big spells took a ton of work, hunting down obscure ingredients - she once got the wrong kind of bat and turned that man in a churro instead of a burro - and even when you got it right, the big ones were likely to backfire. So she stuck to the small stuff.

These days she stuffed spells into tin and nickel plated charms she found at a garage sale - 10 bucks for the entire jar - then slipped them to people she encountered during her day working retail. Deserving souls, the lot of them.

Most of the charms were tiny soccer balls and cheerleader megaphones. She loaded those with tripping curses and frizzy hair. But there were a handful of oddities, like "number one uncle" which seem like an unambitious charm and a leaping lizard. The former she loaded with hair thinning, the latter with static cling which she found hilarious.

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