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Dream Catcher Writing Prompt Series #5

In an effort to restart my writing engine, I'm doing a nightly writing prompt. I'll be posting the resulting paragraphs here, no matter how rough.


Writing prompt: When you empty a dream catcher

The blue jay feathers are ragged and the web of the dream catcher has caught only a coating of dust that floats in the air all around. Dust and decay from night after night of symbolic safety.

I twirl the dream catcher in my fingers and a wire slips from the leather frame, catching on my skin. A dot of blood seeps from the wound on my fingertip and onto the dark brown leather. I am about to drop the catcher when it begins to twist in the opposite direction, spinning faster and faster.

I let it go, step back and the catcher stays in the air, becoming a blur until there is a flash and crackle in the air. The blur shifts and morphs, threads and feathers melding into a tall sinewy shape, as tall as a young child. A mane of bright blue hair the color of the jay feathers cascades from the creature’s head, a head that is more reptilian than human, willowy as a branch.

It slowly settles to the floor, feet delicately touch the ground like a person trying out new shoes. It bows to me, a wide grin on its face. “What” it says softly, a voice so deep it rumbles “is your dream?”

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