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Creation Myth for Natural Wonder Writing Prompt Series #3

In an effort to restart my writing engine, I'm doing a nightly writing prompt. I'll be posting the resulting paragraphs here, no matter how rough.


Grand Canyon Myth: The goddess trailed her fingers along her husband's spine, tracing its every line. That's what she remembered of that time, the time before he betrayed her. The night when she discovered his treachery her loving fingers sharpened into talons, ripping the same flesh, pulling out this spine, his body turning to stone, a chasm deep and long. Layers of his body hardened, their color red and gold. Only a thin strand of his soul was left, flowing with the last of his essence, wet and silver in the shadow of his fossilized muscle.

And the goddess, her heart so completely shattered, walked a distance away. She sat in the desert and stared into the distance until she too turned into stone, rising above the desert floor, covered in brush and cactus.

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