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Desireé writes in several genres including suspense, humor, and chick lit. Her creative non-fiction is written under the pen name Winter Prosapio and includes trivia, essays, and travel articles.

Blue Sage Mysteries

When I Knew You


When Antonia's memory is suddenly restored after a dozen years living with a form of profound amnesia, she rushes to see Kati, the daughter her brain injury forced her to forget. Knowing her lucidity won't last, Antonia is desperate to tell Kati her secrets while she can—a terrible truth about why her car wreck may have been no accident—and to warn her that in the past buried deep in her memory is a secret some would kill to have lost once and for all.


Her mother's cryptic warnings make Kati wonder what's true and what isn't. But when Kati listens to a tape recordings that Antonia made before her memory was once again eclipsed, Kati is driven to uncover the reason her childhood was robbed of the vibrant mother she loved and the treacherous secrets of a powerful family that could end both their lives.


Set in the Texas Hill Country and the high desert of El Paso. The second of the Blue Sage Mysteries.


published by WordRiver Press



"I had a lot of fun reading MATCHBOOK. (The author) has a deft hand for creating likeable and believable characters and her dialogue reminded me a lot of Evanovich and Grafton in its dry wit and timing." --Anna deVries at Scribner 



Meet Carol. Armed with a fierce wit and determination not even her own shortcomings can derail, she faces impossible odds to solve a murder that unraveled her life - her daughter's murder. It's hard enough solving a murder, but throw in homelessness and an obsessed maniac, and it's almost impossible.




Set on the streets of San Antonio, Matchbook is filled with colorful characters, deep-seated hope, and more than one laugh-out-loud scene. It’s a compelling and suspenseful read that will keep you riveted to the very end.


The first of the Blue Sage Mysteries.


Creative Non-Fiction

Crib Notes - The Toddler Years


A collection of essays from hilarious columnist, Winter Prosapio who writes a weekly column in the Texas Hill Country. "It's my job to make Texas Germans laugh - it's the toughest gig in journalism," said Prosapio. She chronicles her erstwhile journey as a mother, with hysterical results.  Click here for an excerpt.




“Props to Winter P. for putting a challenging period of one’s life into such a perfect frame. Her humor and writing are spotless, and Crib Notes is downright poetic. ” – Lea Zephyr


“I can’t count the number of times I read a sentence and paused, thinking how this line could be made into a poem… The funny thing about Crib Notes is that for those of us who are raising or have raised children, it is almost like reading your own memoir, only its written by someone who makes it all both enjoyable and poignant at the same time. ” – review from Nuzzling Muzzles


Bathroom Book of Texas Trivia

Published by Folklore Publishing

Yes, you need something to read in the bathroom. Face it. You might as well learn yourself somethin'. 


Only the weirdest, wackiest, wildest facts made it in the book. All the normal stuff is in the Texas State History Museum. Which you can't fit in your bathroom.

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