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Studio Update - Elbow Grease

The playhouse-to-studio project has picked up some speed as of late, and this wall is a big part of it.

My goal is to renovate the playhouse using only material we have on hand. Not just for budget reasons, but because I feel that we have a tendency to consume too much when we have things that could work just fine, if we applied some elbow grease.

These boards require HUGE amounts of elbow grease. They are old, thin fence boards that I've sanded on both sides and stained. Each board takes about 15-20 minutes to prep for nailing up. Each board. Which is why they are only on THIS ONE WALL.

I did buy some stain/sealer since this studio is a bit of an indoor/outdoor space.

On the other wall is a closet door my mom didn't need anymore. I always loved its lines, and rescued it from an early demise, repurposing it as a wall on the other side of the little room.

My husband is more than a little concerned about this project. He wants me to have a studio that looks like a finished, neat little building. I want it to look like a rustic, cobbled together studio.

So far, I'm getting exactly what I want and he remains more than a little appalled, constantly trying to suggest we contact a talented carpenter to rescue the project.

Nonsense. I want to work in a place WE built. I already have a house built by talented carpenters. :)

Then, we went to Austin's Re-store, searching for some new flooring for our bathroom. We didn't find anything that would work, but I did find these little gems:

Two matching storm shutters for $16!

We need to reframe the front of the studio, and these will be perfect. They are so sturdy, they will take the place of the wall, and can be opened to let in light, something I can never have enough of in my house. And since they are from Austin Re-store, which gathers used construction materials, I am staying true to my "low impact" construction mission.

Still to do for the construction phase:

Replace plexiglass on the roof (that will have to be bought, unfortunately).

Add more tin (which we have) to the roof. We will have to buy a top piece to prevent leaking.

Finish adding wood to the other side wall where mom's closet door is.

Work on the back wall.

Start the framing of the front wall.

Make a new door.

Install new flooring (from plywood we have on hand)

I'm hoping to to get a good bit done during the Thanksgiving break. Maybe by Christmas we will have it done!

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