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True Nature Writing Prompt Series #4

In an effort to restart my writing engine, I'm doing a nightly writing prompt. I'll be posting the resulting paragraphs here, no matter how rough.


Prompt: You woke up with the ability to see a person's true nature.

Today I saw inside him - I'll call him G. G loves her, though his actions fall far short. She, L is paralyzed in the worst way, by a deep eistrust of everyone. And R, R is actually numb. His exterior is so bright and shiny, but inside he is clearly incapable of feeling anything. What an actor! I'd admire him if he wasn't so... flat.

B. on the other hand, is infinitely complex. She is quiet, so externally blank. But inside she is made up of a library of ideas and emotions.

Only little Z is wholly the same, inside and out. Loud as a trumpet, her bristle of hair like antennas of her inner self, picking up signals and information everywhere she goes, barely sating her curiosity.

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