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Studio Update: Shutters

The playhouse/studio conversion ground to a halt when I got pnuemonia two weeks before Christmas. Trapped in my recliner with a supply of cough drops and tissue, I couldn't do anything other than binge watch Sherlock and Mozart in the Jungle.

A few things had been done since the last post. The new plexiglass is in place, the roof line extended slightly, the back wall closed in. But one of the biggest jobs remained.

On Christmas eve I finally recovered enough to help Adam with the most challenging part of the project: replacing the front of the playhouse with the shutters we got from Habitat for Humanity's Austin Re-store.

Everything on the playhouse is made all the more difficult because none of the walls are square. When Adam and the girls built it from scrap materials, that was part of the charm, the Suess-ian walls and roof. However, as a renovation project, it means it's pretty tough work with material that is meant to be in a legit carpenter built structure!

Fortunately with a measure twice, cut once approach, Adam was able to figure out how to make it work. And in spots where there was a little space left, we found ways to patch, shim, and lean.

Here's the old vs new front of the playhouse - looking more like a studio now!

Next up - a new front door, a new floor, and a ceiling. Maybe, if the weather cooperates, we could be done before the end of the year!

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