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Personal Essays, Stories, and More

Essays and Observations

Under my full name, Winter D. Prosapio, I've published dozens of award-winning essays. I've appeared on stage at Listen to Your Mother, had my work appear in the Christian Science Monitor, NPR, and in papers across the country as well as several Chicken Soup for the Soul Books. Lately I've been a featured reader on Our American Stories. I'm also a humor columnist who has had a weekly column (sign up to subscribe to it weekly!) running since 2006 in the Texas Hill Country.

Here is a collection of a few of my favorites.

NEW: Featured on podcast - Our American Stories

Walking with Grandfather - Appeared in Texas Coop Power Magazine

Gypsies - Winner of Lowell Thomas Travel Writing Award

A Lesson from the Giving Tree - Appeared in the Christian Science Monitor

Crib Notes Collections

Get a dose of humor with this group of funny collection of humor columns!

Chicken Soup

I've had essays in four Chicken Soup for the Soul books. My favorite one, Playground Lady, is in this edition.


How much do you know about Texas trivia? Or weird laws? I know more than is reasonable. You can find those books here.

Listen to your Mother

See our show! My essay is about midway through...

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