Writing Space

I suddenly find the need for some space of my own.

We have one of those open design homes where the living, kitchen, and loft are all open to one another. It’s a small home without a den or office space, but I consider it cozy. Of course, it’s very modern to not have a bunch of doors and walls closing in every room in your house, but now I realize why doors and walls are a good thing.

Lack of closed in space hasn’t typically been a problem. Usually we can all find our time and space in Casa Prosapio. But now that it’s football season and I have a big writing project with no place away from the mournful cries of our Cowboy fans, I’m on the hunt for some quiet space.

I’m a little like Goldilocks. Nothing is quite right. I could find plenty of spaces if I was willing to leave the house. The Tye Preston Library has stunning views and great writing spaces, as does the New Braunfels Library. There are great coffee shops in town. But travel time will cut well into my writing time -- which is pretty limited as it is.

So I’ve been looking around the house. We have a big walk in closet, but it’s filled to the brim. There’s the kids’ rooms, but I know even if I just crash in there while everyone’s watching TV, I’ll end up picking up instead of typing up.

There’s the garage. But it’s pretty man-caved up with photos of vintage motorcycles and various tools in close proximity. I know I could ask my husband to let me take it over, but there are some courtesies in a marriage of 19 years that shouldn’t be trifled with.

However, there is one spot that just might work. Recently Dad built a large platform in our trees. It’s Mireya’s tree deck. It’s a lovely, relaxing spot where she can go to get away. This means the playhouse is empty.

The playhouse might be the perfect candidate for conversion into a writing room. I can get power to it. It’s relatively weather proof. It screams “shabby chic.”

Actually, it screams “tear down,” but I’m convinced we can bring it back to it’s former glory.

So I’m gathering ideas, thinking through materials I can repurpose, hunting for a desk that’s small enough to fit through the door. Hopefully in a few weeks it’ll be ready for it’s new chapter in life, and I’ll be able to bang out a few chapters of my own.

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