I hate blurbs

I'm having a TERRIBLE time figuring out how to write the blurb for my novel, so I'm posting three versions. Also, for background, here is the post on Indie Friday on the book. Let me know if any of these are intriguing:

!. "I devoured this book." -- Austin B.

In this exciting debut psychological thriller, an unlikely heroine confronts a man who may be a killer - or a savior. Carol discovers a link to her daughter’s murder and is drawn into a terrifying cat and mouse game with a man who claims to know the truth.

Gripping and emotionally immersive, with a good bit of humor thrown in, Matchbook is an engrossing read that takes you onto the streets of San Antonio and won’t let you go until the very end.

“Hooks you from the first page and reels you in till the very last.” — Sarah W.

"From the very first page--first paragraph really--I was hooked. Prosapio has a great way with words, and the voice of Carol, her protagonist, resonates strongly throughout." -- Kimberly C.

Fans of novels with unreliable narrators, like The Girl on the Train, will be drawn into this cozy mystery / psychological thriller that will have you wondering what is real and what is delusion.

2. If you discovered a phone number written in a matchbook would you call it? What would you do if a murderer answered?

Carol Lassiter has been adrift for years after her daughter was murdered but the discovery of a matchbook could either help her find out the truth - or get her killed. In this debut psychological thriller, a woman takes on an obsessed maniac in hopes of finding her way back to her life.

Filled with vivid characters, laugh out loud moments, and twists that will have you questioning reality, Matchbook is part cozy, part thriller and 100% engaging read.

3. "I didn't have the attitude for the world's oldest profession. Or the shoes. Or the back."

Meet Carol Lassiter, the most unlikely heroine you're likely to come across, who takes on corruption, addiction, and a drug war, all in hopes of learning the truth of her daughter's murder.

Carol discovers a matchbook that leads her to a man who claims to know the truth, and sends her on a journey to unravel it herself. Through it all we get a glimpse of life on the street, Matchbook is set on the streets of San Antonio where tourists share the Alamo with street people, and where everyone has a story.

OK, that's all I got. Thoughts??

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